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About us

A great team of young professionals who do their best to leave a mark on this nice and sometimes not so nice world we live in.

We try to keep the local team as small as possible while using new ways of working together that technology allows us nowadays.

Working from home, while sunbathing on the sunny beaches of Greece or with people around the world located on different time zones are things we enjoy and cherish.

This kind of environment allows us to be close knit team while being able to get the best professionals around the world.

We want to increase the number of happy partners that we already have in countries like United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Romania

Our Values

No matter how busy we are we tend to answer a client request as soon as it arrives. Even just to say that we have received it and we'll act upon it.

Either it's the right CMS, the right mailing solution or the right design we are in close contact with the customer to suggest the best approach.

Evaluate the tasks as accurate as possible then deliver within the specified timeframe.

We work on an Agile methodology and use the best code and tracking tools so all parties involved know the current status.

Tools like Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Github or Bitbucket are very familiar to us.

Very often during the development process we run into situations that the client hasn't thought of or that the user interface is not very friendly.

We suggest other ways of implementing certain functionality or a better user interface.

We try to attend as many professional conferences as we can or get the latest books on trending topics.

Productivity is also a factor of knowledge so we are as informed and up to date as possible.

We invest in open source by contributing to modules we also use or do pro bono work for some causes we believe in.

Spending off duty time together is a great way to get to know each other and relax. Having a great time while going on holidays together is also something we've experienced in the past.

Latest Projects