Why outsource to Romania?

A few opinions on why outsourcing to Romania is a good deal:

Microsoft has turned its attention toward Romania

For a country the size of Romania (21 million inhabitants), having more than 300 software developers working for Bill Gates in Redmond, WA is a remarkable achievement. 

"Bill Gates once told me that he is very satisfied with the quality of the Romanian programmers and that he is already used to hearing English with a Romanian accent on campus. Moreover, other people from Microsoft share Bill Gates's opinion on the high level of expertise the Romanian speciaists have brought to Microsoft” said Mr. Silviu Hotaran, General Manager Microsoft Romania.

Source: “Banii nostri”, September 17, 2003

Impressive linguistic skills for Romanian IT specialists

The Eastern European Translators Association classed Romanians as the best speakers of foreign languages in Europe. A study conducted by this organization shows that 60% of the Romanians speak a foreign language (usually English), 25% of them speak 2 foreign languages (usually English and French), while 4% of them speak more than 2 foreign languages. These figures clearly outdo the ones from countries with higher standards of living. For example, only 40% of the Germans, 35% of the French and 25% of the English speak a foreign language.

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Technologies we use

Python/Django as our main programming language
django python
Starting early 2010 we have moved our entirely web development from PHP, .NET and ActionScript to Python/Django. Large scale websites like Pinterest and Instagram are using Django and we are happy to have joined the club.
JavaScript frameworks
For the best web experience we are using the latest JavaScript frameworks. Besides general jQuery/jQuery Mobile we have used React and AngularJS.
Even if in the past we have used SQL Server or Firebird we are now focused on MySQL, PostgreSQL and noSQL databases such MongoDB or Redis.

We are using them separately or in a combination, for example, MongoDB for statistics, Redis for caching or async operations.
Async and real time operations
For asynchronous operations we have used Celery with Redis or RabbitMQ. For real time applications we have used Node.js with Socket.IO.

We are also keeping an eye on new frameworks like Sails.js or Meteor.
Django packages
Considering that we have done quite a few projects so far we've used a lot of Django packages.

For CMS we have used our favourite Django-CMS, but also Mezzanine and FeinCMS. For blogging Zinnia, for rest APIs django-rest-framework, for multimedia content Photologue, etc.
Code versioning and planning
We are using both Git and Mercurial for source code management. Having an Agile style of project management we are using Trello or Pivotal Tracker for prioritizing the user stories.

Depending on our client preferences we have also used other systems like Trac, or Jira.