Web Applications

Web sites and custom web apps

Whether you want a simple presentation site for your company or you have a web application ideea and need a team to implement it we can help.

For web sites we provide an easy to use admin interface so you can add pages, blog entries, company staff, whatever you want to present to the public without having us to step in.

For web applications we can cover almost any situation, from web shops to large scale social apps. We keep close contact with the client to ensure that the solution we provide implements the desired functionality.

Some of our web sites and apps

If you want

A custom web app to manage your company
Every business has their own processes and operates on certain rules. You can have your own web app to be used within your organization. Our largest client in Romania is managing thousands of personal and professional information with an app tailored for their needs. They could have not done it with a general purpose software.
A web shop
Manage your products, categories, filters, prices, discounts. Let your users add them to the shopping cart, enter delivery information or even pay for them with credit cards, PayPal or by other means depending on each scenario.
Web presence for your organization
You'll have a friendly content management system to easy add pages, products, etc. Showcase your products, services, present your team, contact data or any other information you need to show your customers.