Discover our team of young and professional people.

About us


A great team of young professionals who do their best to leave a mark on this nice and sometimes not so nice world we live in.

We try to keep the local team as small as possible while using new ways of working together that technology allows us nowadays.

Working from home, while sunbathing on the sunny beaches of Greece or with people around the world located on different time zones are things we enjoy and cherish.

This kind of environment allows us to be close knit team while being able to get the best professionals around the world.

We want to increase the number of happy partners that we already have in countries like United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Romania

External developers

Besides our internal, regular developers we have contributors from around the world.

Depending on the project size or requirements we have a pool of great developers and designers that we work with on constant bases.

We have done great design work with people from Romania, India; Django development with people from Romania, Poland and Turkey or specific front end coding with great developers from Ukraine.

We are very selective with our staff looking for good quality work and realiable persons.

Our skills

Web Development

85% Complete
Python & Django
90% Complete
Javascript frameworks
80% Complete
Bootstrap & Responsive Design
85% Complete
Linux Administration
90% Complete

Spoken Languages

90% Complete
100% Complete

Our Team

Gabriel - Iulian DumbravăManager, Lead developer

Gabriel has more than 20 years of programming, starting with good old Basic up to Python which is the latest language he learned because of the great web framework, Django. He has done programming in Basic, Pascal, C/C++, Java, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Action Script and Python.

Besides being a programmer Gabriel used to work as a sys admin for the largest Internet Service Provider in Romania, so he has very good knowledge of network and linux administration. He is a very communicative and friendly person, easy to work with, and also a very good source of input in all projects.

Adrian CîrmîzWeb designer

Adrian worked as a web designer since the Internet early ages. Because of this he has good knowledge of all design methods and web app implementation starting with old html tables until the latest CSS3 and frontend javascript technologies.

He has a great artistic sense allowing him to do great work addapting each design to the client specific needs, context, trends, etc.

Besides the design work Adrian has implemented quite a few applications in Flash and Adobe Air.

He has also done extensive design work for the printing industry.

Claudiu TrăistaruDjango dev, Sys admin

The relationship between Claudiu and Django is love at first sight. He has a Bachelor Degree from the University of Craiova with great experience in software development.

Claudiu is also the person in charge with the administration of Linux servers (keeping them up to date, databases, backups, deploying, replication and failover, etc) this being his second area of expertise.

He is very easy to work with, a very curious person and always looking for the latest technologies to do the job done.

Cornelia BangheaMarketing Manager

Cornelia is the marketing manager developing marketing strategies for each project also taking care of customer care.

Cornelia is a founding member and vice-president of ASDM (the Association for Solving Disputes through Mediation), being in charge with the PR and communication department and promotion campaigns of the Association and of the mediation as a profession.

She is also a mediator, certified trainer and authorized translator and conference interpreter for English and French.

Dorina BarbuCFO

Dorina is an authorized accounting expert with more than 20 years experience in accounting and financial sector.

We've been working together since our first entrepreneurship experiences.

She is a very dedicated person, being also involved in many social and non profit activities.